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Hani Mousavi


Introducing the main author

Hani Mousavi is a successful entrepreneur from Dubai, UAE who specializes in blockchain programming and energy, electricity, and electronics. He is the founder and CEO of Al-Khwarizmi, one of the leading companies in the field of innovation in green energy and environment-friendly technologies like soil enrichment and water recycling, with the aim of providing better and more efficient systems to help the earth and the people and creatures that live on it.
The company currently undertaking several major innovation projects in the UAE. Al-Khwarizmi intends to help new ideas and inventions by providing technical knowledge and fundraising, we are beside you at each level of your project from the idea and Pre-Seed Stage to the MVP and Expansion phase.
He is a well-known angel investor who has spent his entire life creating businesses. His deep acquaintance with business principles and multiple experiences around the world has led him to gain a high-level specialization in creating new businesses. His excellent knowledge and creative approach to issues bring solid ideas for business change and development. This website intends to share these ideas and inventions with you, and you too can share your ideas and inventions with us so that we can help each other take a step towards a better world.

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