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Industry: Aviation, Air transport
Subject: Transportation of people by air taxi instead of land routes
Problem or the possibility of improvement: It must have occurred to you that you had an important appointment and left the house at a certain time. But things did not go as planned and you faced heavy traffic on the way and you arrived at your appointment or meeting later. Or you spend several hours commuting to work every day. Land transportation is nothing but a waste of time and exhaustion. Or do you want to see one of your friends who is far away from you but it is not possible due to the long-distance? Has it ever happened that you want to receive a package but how long does it take to receive it? These are all problems we have with taxis.
Our solutions & suggestions: It is true that land travel is attractive, but for long distances, it becomes boring and time-consuming. Traveling some distances is very time-consuming and on the other hand, no airline is willing to travel this distance. The best feature of air taxis is that they are suitable for these routes. If you are one of those people who like to travel even two hours by plane, this option is great for you. This air taxi should be small and light in weight but have the capacity of a taxi or a bus. Due to their large size and weight, planes have to land at certain airports. But these types of taxis can land at small airports.
These taxis must have a jet engine and therefore have a high speed. And on the other hand, because the type of engine is different from a normal aircraft, the type of fuel is also different and much cheaper. Because they are smaller, their maintenance costs are very low. All you have to do is reserve one of these taxis through your mobile phone and this air taxi will take you to your destination in the shortest time. To prevent air accidents, specific air routes can be specified for taxis. Depending on the technology used for taxis, they can be with or without a driver. This idea was written on Tuesday, June 8, 2010, and has been updated today. You can see the document here. Notably, these ideas can process and update, and if requested, you can be associated with us.
Conclusion: In the age of technology, displacement is not logical at all and takes a lot of time and money from us. Air taxis can save a lot of time.

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