Bending MDF

MDF Bending

Industry: wood and MDF

Subject: Using a comfortable method without human intervention to bend MDF

Problem or the possibility of improvement: As you know, due to the type of wood and the type of use, humans need to be very careful to bend MDF to prevent the wood from breaking, and the wood must be delicate enough to bend. On the other hand, because the main part of the work is done by humans, it requires a lot of time and effort, and the work is not easy and low-cost at all. All these problems and defects make us choose a new method to ease work.

Our solutions & suggestions: You can design a machine for bending wood that no longer requires any manpower. How can you attract more customers when you have innovation? Depending on the type of wood, this machine changes the temperature, amount of heat, and the necessary materials that must be applied to the wood to prepare the wood for bending. In this case, in the most delicate tasks and the largest tasks, all you have to do is put the wood in the machine and enter the bending angle. Reducing manpower, reducing costs, and saving time are the useful results of this device.

Another idea is to do the same things that we do for wood these days by machine. How? First, select the surface we want to bend. Enter the desired depth and the machine cuts the wood to the same amount of depth to empty the parts between the wood. Then it is placed on the desired mold and wood is placed on it. The machine fills the space between the wood with the necessary materials and polishes it. In this way, everything is done by machines without human intervention. This idea was written on Tuesday, April 27, 2010, and has been updated today. You can see the document here. Notably, these ideas can process and update, and if requested, you can be associated with us.

Conclusion: All human endeavor is to save time and money. With just a little thought and ingenuity, you can do both.

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