Frequently Asked Questions

This site is very suitable for those who want to start a startup or have no idea to start their own business. You can see the general ideas on the site and you can contact Hani for details.

Instead of spending your time searching various sites, you can see the original idea and its details on this site. You can communicate with other users and the founder of the site.

As mentioned, the main purpose of this site is to express new ideas and you can see these ideas on the main page of the site. But if you want to talk about the details, get help from the support and communication section.

The main ideas are presented on the site. If you want to share a new idea or expand existing ideas, you can contact us by email. All your information is private and under no circumstances will be shared with any other person or company.

Hani Cafe provides you with the most up-to-date and useful ideas that you can use to help advance technology. By performing the ideas of this site, you can start your own business and earn money. This site is just to help you in your favorite field.

You can write your general comments and questions in the comments section for us and they will be answered as soon as possible. But if you want to present your idea privately or express an idea, you can contact us by email.

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