Insecticide Window Lace

Industry: glass and mirrors and PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

Subject: Investigating the lack of PVCquality in modern human needs and replacing it with more advanced methods.

Problem or the possibility of improvement: How do you get rid of insects? With insecticide and window lace. But have you ever thought about its disadvantages? Due to the many problems that old solutions have, we preferred to introduce a new idea. Let’s look at the problems of old ways and insecticides: The nets do not have a clear surface and you cant see objects through them properly. Dust enters easily. They do not have the necessary flexibility. Insecticides can kill only a small number of insects. The unpleasant smell of insecticides is annoying. Due to the presence of chemicals, they contaminate the atmosphere and endanger health, etc.

Our solutions & suggestions: because of excessive pollution of the earth, we should not use chemicals as much as possible. So using insecticides to kill insects is a quick way but not futuristic and helpful. Insect repellent window lace is a device that prevents insects from entering inside and kills pests and annoying insects. So to eliminate the mentioned problems, you should think about this idea. In this case, you can use small ultraviolet lamps to attract and kill pests. To distinguish it from electric insecticides, one can think about its smell, safety, and appearance.

you no longer need a separate window and net, and this is a dual function. Due to its transparent appearance, it does not decrease the beauty of the building and has high security. A very interesting point is that because the window faces the sun, it can be used as a small source of electricity. To prevent the window frame from deteriorating, an accordion can be made which frames do not deform over time and can be easily opened and closed. This idea was written on Tuesday, May 24, 2010, and has been updated today. You can see the document here. Notably, these ideas can process and update, and if requested, you can be associated with us.

Conclusion: We must do our best to keep the planet clean. In this way, air pollution and our health are not endangered and it is a simple way to supply electricity. You can do your best work.

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