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Cooling Trash Can

Industry: manufacturing, plastics, engineering

Subject: Cool trash can to prevent the bad smell of garbage

Problem or the possibility of improvement: Just think about the moments you wanted to throw away garbage and they were teased by a bad smell. If we throw household garbage in the bin, because we add new garbage again, we get a bad smell of leftover garbage every time. That’s why we thought about this idea. In the city, even if garbage is gathered every night, it smells very bad due to its large volume. One way to eliminate this odor is to use a cool trash can.

Our solutions & suggestions: Citizens do not always throw garbage in the bag and may throw it away one by one. This multiplies the bad smell. This happens more in the summer. Germs grow very fast in hot environments and cause bad odors. Waste gases are highly toxic. According to the above points, the main cause of all these problems is high temperature. So we have to make a trash can that is cool to prevent all this from happening.

To do this, you can put a trash can at a certain temperature so that there is no need to change. But doing this idea requires a lot of money and energy. You can simply place a fan and a sensor. If the temperature rises above the desired level, the sensor will warn and the fan will start working. This type does not require constant temperature checking and this happens automatically. These ideas were just part of the broader ideas. This idea was written on Tuesday, June 8, 2010, and has been updated today. You can see the document here. Notably, these ideas can process and update, and if requested, you can be associated with us.

Conclusion: Only by balancing the temperature we can reduce bad odor and pollution and prevent further growth of microbes. How can you eliminate the bad smell of garbage? With a little thought and technology. So get to work.

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