Wonder Restaurant

Sci-Fi Wonder Restaurant

Industry: Food and restaurant management

Subject: Changing the design of restaurants to make the restaurant room attractive, earn more money, and create industrial automation

Problem or the possibility of improvement: Today’s restaurants are not useful in attracting customers due to their repetitive performance. In addition to good food quality, humans also need entertainment.

Our solutions & suggestions: When you enter the restaurant, there is just one way for you, and this way will guide you by the smart system to your room. So when you enter, the food under your feet is passing by to serve at another table. You do not see any human beings unless you ask for help and guidance. In that case, you will have the waiter’s help. But serving food is only done through the rails from the kitchen. The restaurant tables are all screens and monitors and the serving tables are movable and sent to the rooms. The whole room is covered with a screen that with this feature, you can change the space according to your taste.

Because these displays can be 3D, many other features can be considered. For example, if they choose the surrounding space as coastal, the coastal wind will blow and if they choose snowy space, it would be a little cold. They can change the temperature and the climate. All tables are connected to the main room for monitoring and support. In this way, customers are served without human intervention. This idea was written on Monday, May 13, 2010, and has been updated today. You can see the document here. Notably, these ideas can process and update, and if requested, you can be associated with us.

Conclusion: By using mentioned methods, human efforts can be reduced and machines can be replaced. Of course, By modernization and automation industry, these events are predictable in the future. So it is so much better to use these ideas.

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